Pictures (Single Mix)

by Logan X

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Track 8 from the upcoming Debut LP "Repercussions"

God Save Mama Coco's.


I used to forget all the good things in life,
I couldn’t remember any friends or lovers well,
My head was a blur, too fast shutter speed,
so she lent me her Leica, and then I could see,
all that I ever wanted to be and how to make that me.

1, 2, 3.

She taught me how to take pictures,
how to catch a moment in time.
I’m going out of focus, my exposure is too high,
so hold the lens-cap and tell me if there’s light.
I’ll take just one last photograph
to have a picture of you tonight.

Polaroids ain’t so easy to come by,
but she had a treasure trove and now they are in high supply.
And it seemed so cliché that I was rather bitter,
but now when I see a picture of her it causes me a shiver,
a red shiver... a red shiver...
now I think what will happen when you open up your phone and see me standing alone in the back of your screen lookin’ atcha all mean...

What am I gonna do?

She taught me how to take pictures,
how to freeze a moment in time,
now I’ve burned up my polaroids, leave it all on the line

Smile just for this shot, let’s be young like the Sandlot,
and one day you’ll be old and grey, let these pictures keep that away!
Now I take the pictures, now I take the pictures, now I take the pictures, now I take the pictures, now I take the pictures, now I take the pictures, now I take the pictures!

Now I take the pictures, I pick out all the moments in time,
some we smile, some we grimace, but the memory’s still with us because a picture can’t bring back any of these,
no a picture can’t bring back any of these cause a photo is,

Time to be movin on,
town’s too small,
overstayed my welcome,
overstayed my welcome...


released July 4, 2013
Music and Lyrics by Sam Michael Braverman.

Logan: Electric 6 and 12 String Guitars, Bass, Glockenspiel, Drums, Acoustic 12 String Guitar, D5 Shutters, Vocals

Heathens (Oliver Ignatius, Jerald Liu and Molly Connelly): Vocals and Minolta Shutters

Cover Photo by Mir
Design by Eli Magers
Recorded at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY.
Produced, 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Mixed and Mastered by Oliver Ignatius



all rights reserved


Logan X Bloomington, Indiana

Logan X is Sam Braverman.
Sam Braverman is Logan X.
All Music and Lyrics written and Performed by Logan X

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